Essay On Our School Canteen

My school is a very big one and it has a very modern canteen. It is perhaps the most popular place in the school. It becomes very busy during the break times very difficult to find a seat to sit on during those times, so we have to stand and eat.

Our school canteen is very well equipped. One can buy almost every kind of snack there, like samosas, chips, sandwiches, sweet, cakes etc. They are prepared in very hygienic surroundings by our school cook, and tables to sit on and eat, and ovens to keep the food warm. There is also a soda fountain which is Very popular among the older students.

All the students love to sit in the canteen and discuss the events of the day. The noise level is always very high in the canteen as everyone is shouting to make himself heard. There are notice boards and suggestion boxes which all students are freely. There is also a separate enclosure for teachers. The cook charges very reasonable rates from us.

I think that the school canteen is my favorite place in the school. I always enjoy myself there, and look forward to the recess when I can rush to the canteen with my friends.

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Without school we will never able write even a word.

Without school, we will never be able to write even a word.

Every classes have about 40 students.

Every class has about 40 students.

All of the building's wall has a beautiful mural drew by students.

All of the building's walls have beautiful murals drawn by students.

Furthermore, the school have one hectare field, so there will always pupils playing football during the sport period and after the school ended.

Furthermore, the school has one hectare field, so there are always pupils playing football during sport period and after school.

My school has 3 basketball court, two of the football court is indoor, while the other one is outdoor, therefore we can play basketball even though it was a sunny day or raining day.

My school has three basketball courts, two indoor, and one outdoor so that we can play regardless of the weather.

This make our school became famous.

This has made our school become famous.

Beside that, the school have a science lab for students to, make experiments, library, canten and 6 outdoor badminton court.

Besides that, the school has a science lab for students to conduct experiments, a library, a canteen and six outdoor badminton courts.

All teacher are highly trained and experience.

All teachers are highly trained and experienced.

learned women.

learned woman

We must gave a card to the librarian in order to lend books, and return them after on week time.

We must give a card to the librarian in order to lend books, and return them after one week's time.

canteen sell may different types of food.

sells many

In studies, our school show good result every year.

In studies, our school gets good results year after year.

This school attract people from distant to study here is because the facilities are complete and the discipline here are very strict. It is a ideal school in every state.

This school attracts people from afar to study here because the facilities are complete and discipline is very strict. It is an ideal school in every state.

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