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Trees on earth are the most important and useful thing in nature. Which provides us with many things such as medicinal herbs, lace, rubber, oil and many other useful things. The each and every parts of trees like roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, etc. are used in our foods.

Trees give us wood that is a most valuable product used for fuel and firewood. Wood is used to make furniture and papers. Trees release oxygen which we need for our life. They release the oxygen and take in the carbon dioxide to make their foods. This way they purify the air and make the environment clean.


They are useful for maintaining the balance of gases in the air. Thus they control air pollution, they attract the rain. It is very important for our Indian agriculture. The roots of trees hold the soil together, which prevents the soil erosion or soil pollution and also maintains the fertility of the land. Trees are the natural habitat of many animals and birds and it offers us the cool shade during summers. Trees protect us from the inclement wind, they also add to the natural beauty of the earth. Thus, trees play a big and important role in our life.

Trees are valuable natural resources on the earth. We should not harm the trees and stop cutting the trees and forests. This will help in reducing many pollutions such as air pollution, soil pollution, global warming and droughts. We must start planting the new trees in our surroundings and conserve them with great care.

Trees are the precious gift from the god. Both man and animal get many things from trees. Planting a tree is the most valuable thing in the world but many people don’t realize the importance of trees. Actually, trees are our best friend. Whether we are happy or sad trees always helpful to us. People live with the help of trees, trees provide good air, provides rain without rain there will be no rain. Without rain we cannot grow our crops, so the trees are the necessity of human’s life. It is our duty to protect the trees.


Today many people destroy trees who are not wise people. They don’t think about the future without trees our earth will become a dessert. Many people fall the trees to earn money, not only the life of trees are destroyed but also everyone’s life will be destroyed. Many countries have a ban on cutting the trees.

The major steps should be taken against the people who cut trees and harm them. The awareness about the importance of trees must be spread among the people.

Facts about trees

  1. A mature tree removes almost 70 times more pollution than a newly planted tree.
  2. Trees act as sound barriers to reduce the noise pollution.
  3. Trees play a major role in helping to conserve the intensity of the earth’s magnetic field.
  4. Three-quarters of the world’s people rely on wood as their main source of energy.
  5. A single tree produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year.

Trees are our Friends

Nature has provided us with a lot of green vegetation. We seldom realize the importance of trees in our day-to-day life. We cannot exist without trees.

There are-many kinds of trees. Different kinds of trees grow in different countries and climates. In cold countries, trees like oak, birch, beech, elm, chestnut, fir and fruit trees like apple, pear and plum are found. In a hot country like India, the mango, the neem, the cotton tree, the banyan and hundreds of other trees are found. Rosewood, ebony and mahagony are some of the trees grown in tropical rain forests of India. Teak is the most common type of tree found in the monsoon forests of India. Coniferous trees like pine and cedar, trees of the Alpine variety like silver-fir, birch and juniper are found in the Himalayan regions.

The uses of trees to men are many. The timber trees supply men with wood for various purposes. The wood of oak, teak and mahagony are hard and are used for making beautiful furniture. The wood pulp for making paper is got from soft wood trees. Trees provide us with different kinds of fruits.  The chief fruits of the cold countries are apples, pears and plums and cherries. The fruit trees abundant in the warm countries are orange, lemon, mango and peach. Some other trees are famous for their beauti­ful flowers having sweet smell.

The climate of a region largely depends upon the trees. By cooling the air, they attract rain. Rainfall is heavy in the forests of the valleys. So a country with plenty of trees and forests gets plenty of rain and a treeless country is often a desert. Thus trees help in the economic growth of a country and also serve to maintain the ecological balance. Trees also stop soil erosion. Cutting down trees will result in soil erosion, flood and drought. Thousands of birds and animals depend on the trees for food, shelter and shade. Trees add to the natural beauty of a place. A land without trees is bare and a country covered with trees is always beautiful.

Trees are of great importance to modern man. So trees have to be protected and preserved. They are our friends. So it is our sacred duty to protect these benefactors of man.

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