Niswonger Scholarship Essay Tips

Using a previous scholarship essay contest we hosted, where our judges received more than 4,000 essays, we noticed some frequent mistakes students make that can instantly disqualify you from an essay contest.

We thought to ourselves, "Hello, learning opportunity!

Here, an example of what NOT to do in an essay – and some tips on making yourself a better candidate for scholarship cash.

Here’s one of the essays we received for a previous scholarship contest, to help you learn the do’s and don’ts of essay writing:

“To be able to hold onto your money you have to know how to manage it. Money management is a complicated process. As teenagers we often have no idea how to manage money and we end up wasting a lot of it. But in a bad economy most of us have had a crash course in what happens when you don’t manage your money properly. We have had to delve into a world foreign and unfamiliar to us and solve our own money problems. The most successful of us have managed to still have some semblance of a social life without going over our small budgets. The keys to doing this successfully are actually quite simple.

Set up your own budget of expenses. Teenagers may not have to worry about paying a mortgage or rent but we do have to be able to pay for gas, insurance for our vehicles, and the never ending list of project expenses and supplies for classes. So you have to sit down and balance what you spend in a month with what you actually make, and whether that’s the money you get for your birthday that you manage to stretch with help from mom’s pocketbook or it’s the minimum wage that you get from the local fast food joint where you have managed to find employment the money comes from somewhere and it needs to be written down.

Review your expenses daily. This includes balancing your checkbook and reviewing your online statements, as well as calculating any emergency expenses that you were not considering. This needs to be fluid as sometimes things come up that you just couldn’t have forseen.

You have to get creative. You are not always going to have the time to sit there with a calculator crunching numbers so create small ways to keep thing balanced without having to. Send yourself easy phone reminders about a few of your expenses. Always bring your school id with you because a lot of places will give students discounted rates. And finally, just remember where your money is going it will help.”

So, what was wrong and what was right?

One thing the essay writer did correctly was to stay within the word count for the contest.

The essay contest stated within the rules that essays should range from 250-350 words and this essay comes in at 349 words. Good job!

Another positive is that the writer stayed on topic and answered the question that was presented.

However, even though the writer did stay on topic, the response took a meandering approach and didn’t take a strong or memorable stance. In short, the “meat” of the essay wasn’t there. Think of it this way: sum up in one sentence what you want the reviewer to know and remember after reading your essay. Did you get that across in a clear and concise way?

Each essay should get across at least one breakout idea (aka, the thesis statement) and the rest of the essay should focus on selling that point. If it’s a new, creative or off-beat idea, focus on selling and explaining that. If it’s a common idea, focus on trying to say it better than anyone else.

Here are a few more examples of what the essay writer did wrong:

Misspellings –

Misspellings are the fastest way to ensure an essay is disqualified. When combing through a stack of essays, a judge will first rule out the essays with simple misspellings. Long story short: run a spell check and have someone else you trust look over it. It’s always best to get a second set of eyes.

Incomplete sentences – Remember, each sentence should have a subject (someone or something) and a verb (action). Wondering if your sentence is complete? Here’s a hint: A complete sentence tells a complete thought.

No capitalization –

it’s bad enough not to capitalize words at the beginning of a sentence, but at the beginning of a paragraph it stands out even more! Yikes!

Missing punctuation –

In this example, the writer does not have proper command over the use of commas — namely they are missing in places they should have been added and added places they are not required.

Poor grammar and sentences that don’t make sense –

The essay writer uses poor word choices, improper grammar and mistakes such as having too many spaces between words. Another example of poor grammar is the confusion of grammatical persons — in the beginning of the essay the writer uses the first person plural (we) and toward the end, the writer uses the second person (you).

Run-on sentences –

In this essay, one sentence has 72 words. As a rule, try to keep sentences no longer than 35 words each.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you write an essay. Remember, you don’t want to give the judges any reason to disqualify your essay right off the bat.

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Northview Academy's Guidance Department Office Hours are 8:00 - 3:10

Scholarship opportunities will be added to this website as we are made aware of them, but remember to use google searches and free scholarship databases to find all available scholarships.
(A few databases to help you begin are listed at the bottom of this page)

*Remember that 2017-2018 Seniors received a green scholarship booklet in the Fall listing the scholarships available at the school, county, state, and national level. Please refer to those green booklets for those scholarships (Extra available in guidance) 

Scholarships available now:
 (New) Delta Kappa Gamma is offering a $500 scholarship to a senior majoring in education. This year DKG decided to offer 1 scholarship for $500 to either a Seymour High or Northview Academy student that is planning to major in education. Applications are due Tuesday April 10th, 2018. 

(New) LeConte Medical Center is committed to helping our employees and volunteers continue their journey of excellence through learning! With that in mind, the Volunteer Scholarship Fund was created to financially assist members of the LeConte Medical Center family who are interested in beginning or continuing their education in the healthcare field. To be eligible for a volunteer scholarship you must be a current junior volunteer, adult volunteer, hospital employee, or dependent child of a hospital employee. The deadline to apply is Friday, March 9th. Find out more here:
LeConte Medical Center is looking for hard working junior volunteers (those between 14-17 years of age by May 1st) to serve at the hospital during the summer of 2018! Junior volunteers commit to at least 4 hours per week for 6 weeks over the summer months. Benefits include scholarship opportunities and more! The deadline to apply is March 30th. Find out more here:

 Seniors that plan on majoring in Communication at UT-Martin: there is a $1,000 scholarship available to you! Pick up the application in guidance. The deadline is March 23rd. 

(New) Sevier County Retired Teachers $500 - Must be Education Major, student should have an average grade or above, need for financial aid, typed account of at least 2 pages to answer questions, 3 letters of recommendation required.  Application available in guidance.  Deadline to return to guidance 03/02/18 3:00 pm
LeConte Medical Center is committed to helping our employees and volunteers continue their journey of excellence through learning! With that in mind, the Volunteer Scholarship Fund was created to financially assist members of the LeConte Medical Center family who are interested in beginning or continuing their education in the healthcare field. To be eligible for a volunteer scholarship you must be a current junior volunteer, adult volunteer, hospital employee, or dependent child of a hospital employee. The deadline to apply is Friday, March 9th. Find out more here:

(New) Golden Eagle Students must be a 2017-18 high school senior of Latino descent who will be graduating from the following TN counties: Anderson, Blount, Grainger, Hamblen, Jefferson, Knox, Loudon, Roane, Sevier or Union. Have an unweighted GPA of 2.75 or better on a 4.0 scale. Submit an unofficial transcript to Submit 1 letter of recommendation to Submit the Application online at Submit all application materials by March 31, 2018.  

( New) Rotary Club of Sevierville Noonday - Application available in guidance.  Essay 500 words, 2 letters of recommendation required from teachers, & activity sheet required.  Deadline to submit application to guidance 03/15/18  3:00 pm

(New) Regions Bank Hampton Memorial Scholarship Foundation $1,500 per academic year for a max of 4 years.  Must be part of Top 10% of class, demonstrate financial need.  Suggested that Expected Family.  Contribution on the FAFSA is less than $18,000. Based on Academics, Community Service and Leadership. To apply submit Activity Sheet to guidance.  Deadline 03/23/18 

(New) Berea College $157,000 Value of Scholarship.  Every student that is admitted is eligible to receive the scholarship. Based on financial need-do you qualify for free/reduced lunch, pell grant eligible, GPA Range 3.25 - 4.0  ACT Range 20-30, are you persistent, highly engaged and service oriented?  To apply visit  Deadline 03/31/18 

NEW Sevier County Livestock Association $500 Must major in Agriculture. Letters of recommendation are allowed.  Application available in guidance  Deadline to return to  guidance 04/09/16 3:00 pm  (New) Terry L. Cureton Memorial Scholarship:  Applicants must be interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement and must enroll in the Criminal Justice Program at Walters State Community College.  Applications available in the guidance office.                                               

(New) Carson Newman Bonner Scholarship:  The deadline for the Carson Newman Bonner Scholarship has been extended.  The Bonner Scholars Program is a part of a national scholarship program (founded by the Corella & Bertram F. Bonner Foundation) that tasks colleges and universities with providing access to education and opportunities to serve. The Bonner Scholarship covers the unmet need of students (including cost of tuition, required fees, and room & board on campus) so that they can spend their time concentrating on successfully completing their academic studies and making an impact in their community. The exact amount of the Bonner Scholarship is based on need but can range between $2,500 - $25,000 annually.  Bonners are required to complete 140 hours of community service per semester (approx. 10hrs per week); participate in weekly meetings, leadership trainings, professional development sessions, and conferences. Bonners are also expected to take three courses (two in social entrepreneurship) and complete a senior capstone project and presentation over the course of their college career. Bonners also are required to do two summers of service with a non-profit or government organization. The Bonner Scholarship program represents an opportunity for students to become part of an engaged campus community focused on making the world a little better than they inherited it. We welcome all students to apply to the Bonner Scholars program, and we are especially seeking males, first-generation college students, and students of color to apply. The Spring deadline to apply for the Bonner Scholars Program is February 24th. We are currently only seeking incoming First-Year students.  Students should apply using the following link:

(New) Furman Scholars 
Students that are selected as Furman Scholars are eligible for at least $20,000 per year in scholarships upon acceptance to Furman University. Juniors wishing to be considered for this can tell their counselor that they wish to be nominated. This is only for students planning to attend Furman University. Requirements: Genuine interest in an education in the liberal arts and sciences, high school weighted GPA of a 3.5 or higher, a 29 on the ACT/1300 on SAT, significant involvement in extracurricular activites and community service, and demonstrated leadership. Nominations close on April 1st, 2018.  Questions: Please email

Keep Sevier Beautiful Trillium Scholarship $1,000 - Must have a min 2.5 GPA, verifiable community service of at least 50 hours with Keep Sevier Beautiful within their high school career, Essay Required, 3 letters of recommendation required. Application available in guidance or online at Application and all submissions must be postmarked on or before 04/01/18

Keep Sevier Beautiful Scholarship $500-$1,000 - Must have a min 2.5 GPA, verifiable community service of at least 50 hours with Keep Sevier Beautiful within their high school career, Essay Required, 2 letters of recommendation required. Application available in guidance or online at Application and all submissions must be postmarked on or before 04/01/18

Hispanic Scholarship Fund $500 - $5,000 scholarship - Must be of Hispanic Heritage, Minimum 3.0 GPA, Plan to enroll full time in a not for profit 4 year university, US Citizen, Permanent Legal Resident, DACA or Eligible Non Citizen as defined by FAFSA. To apply visit Deadline 04/26/18

Lighthouse Guild offers annual scholars for students who are legally blind. The program will award 10 scholarships up to $10,000 each. Must provide proof of legal blindness. Proof of US Citizenship or legal residency. 3 letters of recommendation, 2 personal statements, To apply visit or call 212-769-7801 for more information. Deadline 03/31/18

NEW AES Scholarship $500 - To be eligible students must answer one of the essay questions at The scholarship is based on character as determined by evaluating the essays that are submitted. Deadline 10/06/18

 1.   The National Guard Association of Tennessee (NGATN) Foundation has allocated $14,000.00 for Scholarship grants for 2018.  In addition, Fifth Third Bank is donating an additional $5,000 to our scholarship fund.  The three (3) types of Scholarships which may be awarded are as follows:
 a.       One (1) $2,500 Scholarship is earmarked exclusively for an active member of the Tennessee National Guard and an Active Annual Member of NGATN.  This scholarship can be awarded for Graduate level classes leading to a Masters or Doctoral degree.
 b.      One (1) $2,500 Legacy Scholarship is earmarked exclusively for an active member of the Tennessee National Guard whose parent or parents were (or are still serving) as members of the Tennessee National Guard.  In addition, the applicant must be an Active Annual Member of NGATN or the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of Tennessee EANGTN.
       c. Seven (7) $2,000 Scholarships for dependents of Active Annual or Life Members of NGATN
       * Scholarship checks will be paid directly to the College or University of the recipient's choice for use from their Student Account.
2. Information pertaining to eligibility, applications, and submission deadlines are contained in the attached announcement sheets. 
 3.  We are proud of our Scholarship program and the investment it is making in our Soldiers, Airmen, and their families.  For additional information please contact Byron Deel at (615) 833-9100 or

NEW is pleased to announce our 4th annual scholarship opportunity to graduating seniors. This general scholarship is open to students enrolled in an associate's degree, bachelor's degree or graduate level program at an accredited 2-year college or 4-year university.   SeniorAdvisor.comFuture of Assisted Living Scholarship. Three $2,000 scholarships available to students enrolled in an associate's degree, bachelor's degree or graduate level program at an accredited 2-year college or 4-year university. Each eligible student must submit a 500-750 word essay response to the question: How can your major of study improve the lives of seniors in assisted living facilities in your town? Deadline is December 31, 2017. Scholarship award recipients will be announced January 31, 2018.  Essay topic and scholarship details can be found on the Assisted Living page.  This is an annual scholarship and will be offered every year.

Concordia College Alabama- Minimum GPA 2.0 to be accepted. Institutional Scholarship money starts at 2.5 GPA. No out of state tuition fee for TN Students. For Example, if you have 3.0 GPA and 18 ACT you can receive $5,000 in scholarships. To apply visit Application fee is being waived
Medic Regional Blood Center $500 Scholarship-Student must host a successful blood drive, blood drive location & scheduling must be preapproved by MEDIC Director. For more information, send an email to

JUNIORS​ ​and​ ​SENIORS​ ~ B​ ​Davis​ ​Scholarship​: DEADLINE​: May 22, 2018 AWARD​ ​VALUE​: $1,000 This Scholarship is available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any post secondary institution. ● There is no age restriction ● Be sure to include your name and the school you are attending this year and next ● This is not an academic scholarship but we would like to know where you are going to school now and what your future academic plans are. * *Please do not send transcripts or letters of recommendation at this time. Application​ ​Procedure To apply for this scholarship you will need to write an essay of less than 1000 words on the topic below: Describe the three characteristics of leadership you value most. Discuss why you believe that these traits are so important and how you feel​ ​that​ ​they​ ​are​ ​developed​ ​in​ ​an​ ​individual.  (Your submissions must be sent to us by email at
Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarship-$1,000 Scholarship. Applicants have to create an animated short movie and pursue an animation career at an accredited college. To apply visit Click on scholarship link on the bottom left of page. Deadline 06/01/18

B​ ​Davis​ ​Scholarship-​ ​$1,000​ ​to​ ​apply​ ​visit​   ​Deadline 05/22/18 

Navy​ ​ROTC​ ​Program​ ​-​ Benefits​ ​ include​ ​ Free​ ​ College​​  Tuition,​ ​ 100​ % ​ Employment​ ​ upon​ ​ graduation,​ opportunity​ ​to​ ​lead​ ​and​ ​manage​ ​personnel,​ ​unlimited​ ​travel​ ​opportunities,​ ​30​ ​days​ paid​ ​ vacation​ ​ earned​ annually.​  ​Excellent ​ medical/dental​ ​ benefits.​ ​  Apply​ ​ now​​  by​ ​​visiting ​ For​ ​ more​ information​ contact​ ​​your​ ​Local​ ​Navy​ ​Recruiter
SunTrust​ ​Off​ ​To​ ​College​ ​-​ ​You​ ​can​ ​enter​ ​sweepstakes​ ​on​ ​09/12​ ​students​ can​ ​ ​enter ​​online​ ​once​ ​during each ​ entry​ ​ period.​ ​ $500​ ​ scholarship​ ​ winners​​  will​ ​ be​ ​ randomly​ ​​chosen​ every​ ​ two​ ​ weeks​ ​ ​beginning​ ​on​ ​or about ​ 10​ /30 ​ -​ ​ 04​ /14/18. ​ To​​  enter​ ​ visit​ ​

Walters​ ​State​ ​Community​ ​College​ ​Scholarship​ ​-​ ​All​ ​students​ ​are​ ​encouraged​ ​to​ ​apply​ ​for this scholarship.​ ​This​ ​scholarship​ ​is​ ​$$$​ ​available​ ​above​ ​TN​ ​Promise​ ​Scholarship​ ​monies.​  ​To apply  ​Choose​ ​the​ ​Financial Aid​​ ​Tab​ ​then​ ​Scholarship​ ​Tab​ ​then​ ​WS​ ​Scholarship​ ​Tab. Deadline to​ ​ apply​ ​ 03/31/18 

Paul Mitchell Scholarship for Cosmetology: Paul Mitchell will award (4) $2,500 scholarships for any senior graduating who has been enrolled in cosmetology courses at Northview Academy.  The scholarships will be awarded based on grades, attendance, and demonstrated ability.  

Electrician Training Academy Knoxville – Apprenticeship Program application sessions once per year in January. Registration opens in November for the Apprenticeship Program. Must earn a qualifying score on the schools standardized reading and math aptitude test. Attend classes one or two nights per week (Sept to May) and earn pay while you learn. Cost for classroom training is approximately $600 per year. Apprentices earn 45 semester hours of credit with Pellissippi State at no cost to the Apprentice. Visit 865-379-6214

Electrician Training Academy Knoxville – Construction Wireman/Construction Electrician Program – Application for the CW/CE program is scheduled one Saturday per month from Feb – Nov. It is possible to obtain Journeyman Status thru this program. Visit website for more information and scheduling for information application session. Visit 865-379-6214

University of North Georgia Corps of Cadets. Offer students in state tuition saving more than $50,000 over four years of college. The first of three national boards for the Army ROTC meets in October. 68 high school seniors awarded scholarship at UNG this fall. For more information contact Army ROTC Scholarship expert Greg Killeen at or 706-864-1884 

John Cabot University (Rome) - Over 70% of students receive merit based or need based financial aid. Scholarships/Internships available. Visit US contact 

Douglas J National Scholarship 1st place Full Tuition, 2nd Place $5,000, 3rd Place $3,000. Essay Required, Must submit 3 examples of work. Apply at ​

Bethel University is offering Tennessee Promise Scholarship Opportunities. They are offering 25 spots for eligible students. Students will be enrolled in the Associates of Arts in General Studies or the Associates of Science in General Studies. Once students receive their Associates Degree they can enroll in one of Bethel’s Bachelor Programs. TN Promise students will also receive Laptop Computer and Bookstore allowance. For more information call 1-844-Bethel-1 or 

The ASPIRE scholarship at the University of Tennessee may be for you!  ASPIRE, Appalachian Students Promoting the Integration of Research in Education, is an undergraduate scholarship program available to Appalachian high school seniors with financial need who seek to attend the University of Tennessee and pursue a STEM major. ASPIRE scholars have access to generous financial support for up to 4 years, ongoing advising, community living and learning, and the opportunity to connect with other Appalachian students while at UT.   If you think ASPIRE may be a good fit for you, please reach out to us at We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our program and its benefits! See our attached flyer and visit our website at for more information. 

Adobe Scholars are Media+Communication majors who wish to activate their education through career-building engagement outside of the classroom. This one-of-a-kind program admits a limited number of students each year focused on professional development. By remaining highly active in this program students can expect to be highly-recruited upon graduation. Professionals are looking for students who have experience on the world’s industry-leading media platforms. Not only will Adobe Scholars get experience with Adobe’s Creative and Marketing Cloud platforms but they will be exposed to other industry platforms from the likes of Google and Qualtrics as well as a number of social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Adobe Scholars give back by contributing to the campus and community through service learning projects as well as through industry-related events. Adobe Scholars collaborate on campus and non-profit organization assignments providing a platform for learning while benefiting the community. Scholarship Award • Up to $3,000 per academic year for in-state students, depending on other awards • $1,000 per academic year for out-of-state students Qualifications • In-state and border county Media+Communication majors • First-time freshman with 2.9 high school GPA and 19 ACT or first-time transfers with a 2.5 college GPA (appeals are possible for students outside of the requirements) • Maintain a 2.5 GPA while at ETSU • Commit to 75 hours per semester of Adobe Scholars Program engagement (campus and community partnerships) Application Process Awards are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Students interested in the Adobe Scholars Program should reserve their intent by contacting Stephen Marshall PhD. Contact Stephen Marshall PhD 423-439-5575

Tennessee STRONG Scholarship: Tuition reimbursement for TN Army National Guard members seeking a Bachelor's or Associates's degree. Can be used for up to 120 credit hours or eight semesters. Must maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher while attending college. For more information contact SSG Dun 865-250-3119 or SGT Hazlett 865-429-7056

Juniors: Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC): $180,000 Scholarship Opportunity! The NROTC Scholarship Program offers students the opportunity to earn their degree and receive valuable leadership and management skills while enjoying the benefits of an enticing career. The basic requirements and benefits are:
  • Full tuition and other benefits up to $180,000 (NROTC Units are located at more than 153 nation's leading colleges)
  • Must be a US Citizen
  • Must be 17 years old by Sept. 1st of the 1st year of college
  • Complete high school/ equivalent certificate
  • Take the ACT or SAT prior to deadline and receive at least the minimum scores of 21 Math, 22 English, on the ACT or 520 on Math, 530 Verbal SAT
*Completing the application does not obligate you in any way. You may disenroll from the NROTC program at any time during the freshman year. Apply now by visiting 

Navy ROTC Program: Benefits include Free College Tuition, 100% Employment upon graduation, opportunity to lead and manage personnel, unlimited travel opportunities, 30 days paid vacation earned annually, Excellent medical/dental benefits. Apply now by visiting For more information contact your Local Navy Recruiter. 

Hispanic Scholarship Fund: DACA Students are eligible

National High School Scholarship opens for School Year 2017/2018
National High School Scholarship Opens for School Year 2017/2018 06/12/16
For information about ETSU ROTC Program contact 423-­439­-5291  email  website
Carson Newman contact 865-­471­-3380 email  Scott Bryant cell 865­804­2429
UTK contact 865­-974-­4512 email  Lee Dalton cell 931-­237-­7482

SCHOLARSHIP​ ​SEARCH​ ​INFORMATIONStudent​ ​Planning​ ​tool​ ​for​ ​college:​  ​The​ ​cost​ ​of​ ​a​ ​college​ ​education​ ​has​ ​become​ ​a​ ​critical​ ​part​ ​of​ ​the​ ​planning​ ​process for​ ​high​ ​school​ ​students​ ​and​ ​parents.​  ​At​ ​Discover,​ ​they​ ​believe​ ​in​ ​providing​ ​literacy​ ​to​ ​high​ ​school​ ​students​ ​so​ ​they can​ ​make​ ​informed​ ​decisions​ ​during​ ​the​ ​college​ ​financial​ ​aid​ ​planning​ ​process.​  ​Visit​ ​ for​ ​valuable​ ​free​ ​resources.​  ​Scholarship​ ​Search,​ ​Articles​ ​and​ ​Videos,​ ​Scholarship​ ​Sweepstakes​ ​available.
Bang​ ​For​ ​Your​ ​Buck​:​ ​Comparing​ ​the​ ​Value​ ​of​ ​Postsecondary​ ​OptionsWith​ ​so​ ​many​ ​postsecondary​ ​options,​ ​how​ ​do​ ​students​ ​and​ ​families​ ​determine​ ​the​ ​best​ ​option​ ​for​ ​them?​ ​As​ ​students submit​ ​the​ ​FAFSA​ ​and​ ​determine​ ​how​ ​they​ ​will​ ​use​ ​their​ ​financial​ ​aid,​ ​the​ ​federal​ CollegeScorecard ​is​ ​a comprehensive​ ​resource​ ​to​ ​compare​ ​costs,​ ​graduation​ ​rates,​ ​earnings,​ ​and​ ​student​ ​debt​ ​at​ ​any​ ​postsecondary institution.​  ​Visit​
College​ ​Point​ ​Advising​ ​-​ ​Advisors​ ​help​ ​you​ ​choose​ ​the​ ​best​ ​schools/programs,​ ​help​ ​with​ ​writing essays and​ ​ personal​ ​ statements,​ ​ filling​ ​ out​ ​ ​applications, ​ ​completing the​ ​ ​FAFSA, information​ ​ on state and​ ​ institutional​ ​ ​financial​ ​aid, ​​and​  scholarship​ ​ opportunities.​​  ​To​ ​receive​ ​this free​ ​ service students must​ ​ have​ ​ a​ ​ GPA​​  of​ ​ ​3.5 ​ ​or higher,​ ​ ​ACT of​​  ​28​  ​or SAT​ ​ ​math and​​ ​critical reading​​ ​combined score​ ​of​ ​1370​ ​and​ ​have​ ​a​ ​family​ ​income less​​ ​than ​​$80,000.​  ​Information​ ​available​ ​in​ ​guidance​ ​or visit 
The​ ​Ultimate​ ​Guide​ ​to​ ​the​ ​College​ ​Search:​  ​How​ ​to​ ​find​ ​your​ ​perfect​ ​College​ ​Match.​  ​Scholarship​ ​resources​ ​also available ​ visit​ ​ 
State​ ​of​ ​Tennessee​ ​Launch​ ​my​ ​Career​ ​Website.​  Has​ ​ information​​  about​ ​ careers​ ​ in​ ​ Tennessee,​ ​ Salary​ ​ Data​ ​ for​ Tennessee​ ​Jobs,​ ​Ability​ ​to ​​forecast​ ​salary,​ ​Ability​ ​to​ ​enter​ ​your​ ​long​ ​term​ ​goals​ ​versus​ job​ ​ search.​ ​ Free​ ​ website​ available​ ​at​
International​ ​Students​ ​Guide​ ​to​ ​Financial​ ​Aid​ ​and​ ​Student​ ​Loans​  ​Search​ ​for International ​ Students​ ​ Guide​ ​ to​ ​ Financial​ ​ ​Aid
Assistance​ ​for​ ​Hispanic​ ​Students.​  ​The​ ​Hispanic​ ​Association​ ​of​ ​Colleges​ ​and​ ​Universities​ ​has​ ​scholarship opportunities. ​ ​Visit​ ​for​ ​lists​ ​of​ ​scholarships​ ​and​ ​institutions​ ​offering​ ​assistance.
Hispanic​ ​Scholarship​ ​Fund​ ​-​ ​DACA​ ​Students​ ​are​ ​eligible​  ​
Each​ ​guide​ ​offers​ ​a​ ​lists​ ​of​ ​scholarships​ ​specific​ ​to​ ​those​ ​students​ ​as​ ​well​ an​ ​ "unique​ ​ circumstances"​ section​ ​for​ ​undocumented​ ​or​ ​first-generation ​ ​students. ​ One​ ​ theme​ ​ our​ ​ guides​ ​ ​convey ​ is​ ​ there​ ​ ​really ​ are​ scholarships​ ​and​ ​grants​ ​for​ ​every​ ​type​ of​ ​ student.​
Our​ ​site​ ​also​ ​has​ ​a​ ​more​ ​extensive​ ​scholarship​ ​search​ ​tool, ​​which​ ​you​ ​can​ ​find​ ​here:
Scholarship​ ​Guide​ ​for​ ​Black​ ​Students:
​ ​-​ ​Scholarship​ ​Guide​ ​for​ ​Hispanic​ ​Students:
​ ​-​ ​Scholarship​ ​Guide​ ​for​ ​Asian-American​ ​Students:​   ​There's​ ​something​ ​special​ ​about​ ​being​ ​the​ ​first...​ ​especially​ ​being​ ​the​ first​ ​ in​​  your​ ​​family​ to​​ ​attend and ​ graduate​ ​ from​ ​ college.​ ​ I'm​ ​ First!​​  is​ ​ an​ ​ online​​  ​community ​ for​ ​ first-generation​​  college​ ​ students—and​  ​​their supporters. ​ Hear​ ​ inspiring​ ​ ​stories ​ and​ ​ share​​ ​your​ ​own, ​ discover​​  colleges​​  that​ ​ care​ ​ about​ ​ first-gen​ ​ students,​​ ​find answers ​ to​ ​ your​ ​ questions​ ​ about​ ​ college,​​  and​ ​ receive​ ​ guidance​​  ​on ​ the​  ​road​​ ​to​ ​and​ ​through​ ​college.
www.zinch.comis​ ​ a​ ​ free​ ​ website​ ​ with​ ​ ​college ​ ​ information. ​ ​They​ have​​ ​very​ informative​​ ​webinar’s throughout ​ the​ ​ year.​ ​ They​ ​ also​ ​ announce​ ​ scholarship​ ​ opportunities​ ​ ​and ​ up​ ​ ​to ​ date​ ​ financial​  ​​aid information. ​ To​ ​ see​ ​​list​ ​of ​​webinars​ ​available​ ​visit​ ​
Set​ ​up​ ​a​ ​free​ ​account​ ​with​ ​​ ​to​ ​be​ ​a​ ​part​ ​of​ ​College​ ​Open​ ​Houses​ ​across​ ​the​ ​country,  ​ Scholarship​ ​ Opportunities,​ ​ Tools​ ​ to​ ​ help​​  with​ ​​admission​ ​and​ ​financial ​​aid.
Discus​ ​Awards​ ​–​ ​Honoring​ ​the​ ​All-Around​ ​High​ ​School​ ​Student.​  ​Best​ ​List​ ​of​ ​College​ ​Scholarships ​​is accessible​ at​​ ​
Visit​​for​ ​helpful​ ​information​ ​with​ ​college​ ​applications, writing ​ personal​ ​ essay,​ ​ college​ ​ planning,​ ​ and​ ​ more​​ ​for​ ​information ​​on​ ​Scholarships,​ ​School​ ​Locator,​ ​Apprenticeship​ ​Programs, Licensing ​ Information,​ ​ Career​ ​ Resources.​
College​ ​for​ ​TN​ ​website​ ​to​ ​help​ ​with ​​college/career ​​planning, ​​financial​ ​aid​ ​planning​ ​and​ ​scholarship opportunities. ​ Visit​ ​
Good​ ​Call ​ .com​ ​ Scholarship​ ​ Search​ ​ Website.​ ​  Visit​​​  ​Also​ ​has​ ​information about ​ why​ ​ to​ ​ choose​ ​ this​ ​ website.​
The​ ​Christian​ ​Connector​ ​$150​ ​million​ ​in​ ​scholarships ​ ​by ​ participating​ ​ ​colleges,​ ​view​ ​college​ ​course offerings ​ and​ ​ see​ ​ what​ ​ colleges​ ​ meet​ ​ your​ ​ requirements.​ ​ Free​ ​ website​ ​ ​visit We​ ​ are​ ​ a​ ​ team​ ​ of​ ​ veteran​​  professional​ ​ educators​ ​ who​ ​ have​ developed​ ​this​ ​and​ ​other​ websites​ ​ ​to​  make​ ​​it​ as​ ​ easy​ ​ as​ ​​possible​ ​for​ ​students​ of​​ ​all​ ​ages​ ​to pursue ​ post​ ​ secondary​ ​ education.​ ​ To​ ​ achieve​ ​ ​that ​ goal,​​  we​​ ​have​ ​spent​ years​​ ​gathering information ​ on​ ​ more​ ​​than​ ​2,000 ​ career​ ​ schools,​ ​ ​traditional ​ colleges,​​  career colleges,Christiancolleges, ​ graduate​ ​ schools,​ ​ and​ ​ other​ ​ educational​ ​ ​institutions ​ where​​  you​ ​ can​ ​ earn​ ​ a​​  classroom​ based​ ​or​ online degree
Cyber​ ​Security​ ​College​ ​Resource​ ​-​ ​website​ ​for​ ​students​ ​interested​ ​in​ ​cyber​ ​security.    A​ ​ full​ ​ directory​ ​ ​of​ ​cyber​ ​security ​​degrees, ​​detailed​ ​looks​ ​into​ ​20​ ​careers ​​related to ​ syber​ ​ security​ ​ including​ ​ job​ ​  responsibilities​​ ​ar​ ​requirements,​ ​free​ ​online​ ​courses​ ​are​ ​available  
One​ ​of​ ​the​ ​main​ ​high​ ​school ​ goals​ ​ is​ ​ college​ ​ readiness,​ ​ both​ ​ ​financial ​ and​ ​ academic,​ ​ and​ ​ these​ ​ webinars​ are​ ​a​ ​wonderful​ ​compliment​ to​ ​ ​the ​​other​ great​ ​ tools​ ​ ​available ​ ​through ​ our​​ ​school​ ​district.​ ​By​ registering​ ​ for​ the​ ​webinars,​ ​families​ will​​ ​have​ ​access​ ​to​ ​the​ ​recording​ ​for​ ​30​ ​days​ ​after​ ​each​ ​webinar. ​ ​Families​ ​can​ ​click on ​ the​ ​ following​ ​ link​ ​ to​ ​ register​ ​ for​ ​​one​ ​or​ ​many.​ 
Complete​ ​Financial​ ​Aid​ ​Guide​ ​-​ ​reviews​ ​cost​ ​of​ ​college ​ and​​  the​ ​ associated​ ​ steps​​ ​to​ pay​​ ​for​ ​it.​ ​Visit​ ​is​ ​a​ ​website​ ​dedicated​ ​to​ ​conducted​ ​data​ ​driven​ ​and​ ​unbiased​ ​research​ ​topics​ that​ ​​help make ​ an​ ​ impact​ ​ in​ ​ student’s​ ​ lives.​ ​ Scholarship​ ​ information​ ​ available​ ​​on​  their​ ​ website/college​​  search​ platforms.​  Visit​​ ​for​ ​information

Scholarship Tips and Reminders
  • Keep in mind, Google searches are the best way to find scholarships! 
  • Set a goal to google, and complete at least one scholarship application every couple of weeks during your Junior and Senior year! ​
  • There are so many scholarships available, but you have to do your part and search for them!! ​
  • All scholarships have requirements, make sure you meet those before beginning the "paperwork" part of the scholarship.
  • Create a chart or list of scholarships you are eligible for and their due dates.
  • Begin making a "portfolio" early in high school that showcases your extracurricular activities, community service, and accomplishments... add pictures and descriptions to show scholarship committees who you are and why you deserve their scholarship. 
  • If a scholarship requires a teacher/counselor recommendation you MUST give the teacher/counselor a full week to write it and get it back to you, so keep that in mind when looking at deadlines. 

Financial Aid 101

Free Scholarship Search Databases

Hispanic Scholarship Fund - DACA students are eligible
Assistance for Hispanic Students: visit for scholarships and institutions offering assistance 

44 College Scholarships That You Didn't Know Existed:

College for TN website to help with college/career planning, financial aid planning and scholarship
opportunities.  Visit   There's something special about being the first... especially being the first in your family to attend
and graduate from college. I'm First! is an online community for first­generation college students—and their
supporters. Hear inspiring stories and share your own, discover colleges that care about first­gen students, find
answers to your questions about college, and receive guidance on the road to and through college. is a free website with college information.  They have very informative webinar’s throughout
the year.  They also announce scholarship opportunities and up to date financial aid information.  To see list
of webinars available visit

Set up a free account with to be a part of College Open Houses across the country,
 Scholarship Opportunities, Tools to help with admission and financial aid.

Discus Awards – Honoring the All­Around High School Student.  Best List of College Scholarships is
accessible at

Visit for helpful information with college applications,
writing personal essay, college planning, and more for information on Scholarships, School Locator, Apprenticeship Programs, Licensing
Information, Career Resources.


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