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Electronic media:

Communication is a process of transferring information from one entity to another. Over time, technology has progressed and has created new forms of and ideas about communication. Electronic media plays a vital role in today’s life of communication. It plays an important role in highlighting problems in society either through entertainment, dramas or through news. Electronic Media has influenced people in developing change in attitude towards different situations. There are many forms of electronic media such as television, radio, videotape, internet through computer etc.

Electronic communication has contributed a lot in business environment. They made business meetings through Video, possible and communicating messages between employees like notices etc. Electronic Media also made possible communication between employees sitting in different branches and thus developing an organization more into community with people facing similar tasks. It also changes the way of communication for all class of people.

Role of electronic media of communication:

Nowadays, television has become the most popular media of human kind. It’s also the vital device in our daily life and almost every family have the access to it. By sitting ideally at home, watching TV, we can get a whole look all over the world. The appearance of television and television broadcasting enriches our entertainments. Many events and competition can be watched “live” and many exclusive movies are presented as well. For example now we can able to watch any kind of sports such as football, cricket, hockey, tennis etc live through cable. By the help of this electronic media people can able to know about different countries people life style ,culture ,nature wild life through some channel such as national geographic channel which can changes our way of thinking about another country.

Watch the various news channels today for example in our country ‘N’ TV, ATN, Channel i, B TV and foreign news channel such as Sky news ,BBC, AL -JAZIRA etc can give people almost every hour update news what is happening different parts of the world. They sometimes broadcast live news which can give people instant view of the situation. They most likely treat in sensationalising any news, more so if it is a political one or anti-establishment stories. There is a marked difference from the various foreign based news channels. The reporting style too is similar in almost all the channels. They all pick up the same story, at the same time and give almost accurately reporting. So television is very important electronic media of communication.

The radio is also one of the best (useful too) inventions that is also included in the electronic media which also a media of communication. Radio can gives us news, information which beneficial for us. In our country scenario where television is not available in rural area people can get information about current country situation, what is happening different parts of the world, weather news for example any cyclone or tornado will be coming or not etc. This kind of effective information saved lots of people life in previous decade.

Another form of electronic media of communication is internet which changes our daily life so dramatically. Internet came about when need arose to share information. Internet has made sharing of information cheapest. By the help of internet now we can able to communicate with different part of the world. We can able to exchange business information, tutorial object; we can chat or send email to business partner.

By the help of internet connection now we can able to communicate with our friend and relatives through yahoo messenger and face book, where we can able to share our idea, any important information and share picture as well. We can also able to read online news paper, online magazine, we can able to know current market share price, weather forecast, we can also do the online shopping through internet.So, and internet plays a vital role in communication.

For business point of view role of electronic communication field are changing the way in which we can communicate. For example, using electronic mail, we can type messages to one another by means of a computer terminal. Teleconferencing allows us to see and speak with a group of people who are not all in the same place. Word processing makes it easier for us to change our writing. In summary, all these trends lead to more need for an opportunity to communicate in business.

Electronic media of communication:
The advantages of electronic media in today’s life are many. They are given as below:

* It opens the eyes of the public to what’s going on, informs them, and implements freedom of knowledge.

* The advantages of electronic media for instance: Television can also be a fine teaching tool – there are many television shows on the air that are informative and educational. The right television shows can teach young generation about morals and values as well as right from wrong. Educational television is not only for children however; Public television as well as cable television channels such as National Geographic.

* People can hold inexpensive video conferences or press conferences from their desk, or conference with another people at several desks located across the world.

* People can watch the true story what’s happening in another country for example in Iraq war people watched through television how American troops killed the innocent Iraqi people. Lots of people from different country gave their opinion by meeting, and also made television program showing the devastating effect of the war to stop the war.

* With the Internet we have the ability to transmit and receive large amounts of information quickly to and from individuals and workgroups around the world. This changes the way activists, for example, can galvanize communities, inform legislators and change public opinion.

* Instant messaging feature of electronic communication enables people to communicate instantly through software built for instant messaging .This is one of the newest and fastest growing communication technologies in the workplace today.

* It gives people new information and idea what is unknown to them before.

* There are various kinds of computers for handling all kind of work and they are not just being used in offices by businessmen and industrialists; they are also used by children, young generation, housewives and educational institutions. With the turn of a key or by pressing a button these sophisticated machines can gives us detailed information on and about anything in the universe, on our screen.


* Too much use of the electronic media may also expose the users to dangerous radiation which is fatally harmful to the human body.

* Turning the volume too high on your radio or television set can lead to noise pollution.

* Exposure to drug use (seeing or hearing about it), stress from certain types of media (like hearing too many scary things from the war or the economy), possibility of weight problems if too much time is spent in front of the TV or computer, potential lack of social skills if media usage leads to isolation, etc.

* Too much use of electronic media is some time harmful for student as it cost their more valuable time which they suppose to spend for the study.

* The bad impact of internet in communication is, some criminals have found a way of stealing money from unsuspecting bankers. Money transfer and online shopping have reduced many expenses associated. * Another bad impact of electronic media is propaganda, lies (that’s in case they report something that is not true, as happens many times).

For example, the war in Georgia- The news didn’t even report that Georgia attacked Ossetia. All they showed was Russian tanks suddenly in Georgia. That’s an example of propaganda.

Without the media, people in societies would be isolated, not only from the rest of the world, but from governments, law-makers, and neighbouring towns and cities. Today we can’t think a day without electronic media, which is the best media of communication. Electronic media can motivate people quickly and easily than another media. In every advancement in technology comes with some drawbacks but remedies are there, the need is to focus on getting maximum benefit. Our life now becomes easier and comfortable in every step of communication with the help of electronic media. Despite of it some demerit, electronic media plays a vital role in communication.


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The Pros And Cons Of Electronic Media For Political Press

The purpose of this research is to examine the pros and cons of electronic media used for political press agentry, which may help expose more politicians to the public about the political candidates, themselves and their campaign approaches. This will conceivably enlighten and further the knowledge base of the American citizens on the strategies that are used to create the governmental foundation of democracy. This research also will help further acknowledge the good and bad effects of press agentry within the political process, beginning with some of the earliest forms of politics.

The advancement in technology has changed the way the human race has evolved, resulting a change in the way we conduct our cities, states, countries, and our political governments. Political press agentry has been a historical movement that is still today thoroughly continuing to grow. With the prominence of electronic media present, the influence of press agentry has received some great opportunities as well as some being not so successful. The provided research will first discuss the past historical ventures of early politics and how the first press agents used press agentry to formulate order and democracy. Then the provided research will examine political cases involving press agentry, while applying how electronic media affected each individual case differently.
Press Agentry
Press agentry means the publicity produced by a press agent’s work or skill, especially in making a person or thing seem more desirable, admirable, or successful (Random House, 1997). Political press agentry alone defines the strategic thoughts of the press agent, which is used to gain attraction for his or her candidate from the selected audience. Press agentry is often referred to as a one-way communication in an exaggerated form, where the receiver has no input. However, it is used in politics because of the proven and constant need for informative readjustment as it relates to daily life in society. Within politics, publicity is the main goal of the press agent. Their internal purpose is to increase the attention of the most prevalent audiences, resulting major feedback that will help guide that particular campaign in the right path. Press agents strategically write with their emotions and are somewhat obsessors in regards to understanding the way people think and feel. This is important in politics because without this concern for how people feel could be detrimental to a politician’s career.
Electronic Media
Electronic Media is information or data that is produced, circulated and retrieved using a type of electronic machinery, electromechanical energy or any other apparatus used in electronic communications. The newly introduced Web 2.0 is the supplementary value added to the World Wide Web, which created greater implementations of electronic media usage. Web 2.0 has allowed information online to not only be subjected to view and put in order, but also to...

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