Wind Tunnel Research Paper

Aconfiguration of buoyancy-lifting vehicleflying in near-space by combinationthe configuration characteristics of high-altitude airships and solar UAV aerodynamic were proposed .Through the numerical simulation method, the aerodynamic configurations for solar powered buoyancy-lifting vehicle in near-space were investigated. High lift over drag ratio aerodynamic configuration was obtained by optimization design. Aerodynamic performance of the wing with low Reynolds in different altitude and drag performance of air cell fuselage with different generating line were analyzed, which change regulation were summarized. Aerodynamic configuration was tested in wind tunnel by cable mounting testing technology as well, results of aerodynamic coefficient from numerical simulation method and wind tunnel in different Reynolds number were according well, verified the reliability of design results from the numerical simulation method. The design method of aerodynamic configuration and wind tunnel test technology of solar powered buoyancy-lifting vehicle were created from this study. Significance guiding conclusion and experimental data to general design were obtained.

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